Total Life Changes has found a new way to increase brand awareness by getting others to ‘Feel It’ through their strong initiative and commitment to the process of sampling.

The goal of TLC’s Sample System is simple — it’s not about selling something. It is all about Life Changers giving out product samples to as many people as possible and getting them to feel the products!

Ultimately, Life Changers will hand out samples to “Sample Customers”, who can be turned into Preferred Customers, and then Life Changers, which is all a part of the TLC Family and Sampling System.

Sampling allows a prospect to taste, feel, smell, and experience all the benefits a product has to offer, which typically entices them to want to make a full purchase. That’s why TLC believes there is no better way to convert a prospect (Sample Customer) to a tried and true Preferred Customer than through sampling.

In order to roll out this new system, TLC is offering its new Life Changers immediate…

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