Loving And Giving: TLC National Director Melinda Thrash On What Makes TLC Different.

As a grandmother of eight, Melinda Thrash clearly has a lot of love to give and is well-qualified to recognize it in others. She is also a longtime veteran of the multi-level marketing industry, and she’s seen just about every kind of product and compensation scheme there is. So what, we asked her, makes Total Life Changes different?

“I have been in other network marketing companies, and TLC is, by far, the most giving and loving network marketing company ever,” she says. She begins to list TLC’s various IBO incentives, ticking them off on her fingers:

  • Fun Fridays
  • Jeep Giveaways
  • Vacation Giveaways
  • BOGO sales

“TLC is always giving to its Life Changers (distributors) and making life better for us all,” she concludes.

Her personal journey began when she came across Global Director Phillip Birchfield on the internet. Birchfield maintains an active social media presence, and she was captivated by the image he portrayed of self-directed success undertaken from home. It took some time before she was able to score a face to face meeting with him, but when she did in 2014, he took her under his wing.

“Phillip showed me how to obtain and maintain, and then duplicate it,” she says, using the familiar motivational slogans Birchfield teaches.

“When I launched my business, I was so excited to share a product with everyone that actually worked,” she recalls, contrasting TLC’s products with some she had previously marketed. “During that time, the only challenge I had was not having a lot of the products on hand!”

She claims that during her first 48 hours with TLC, she gained two new business partners and lost an additional 120 pounds.

“TLC has the best compensation plan in the world, the best products in the world and the best leadership in the world. I truly believe that.” It’s, for this reason, she’s made the company the centerpiece of her goal of leaving her grandchildren a legacy of generational wealth to remember her by.”

She feels that TLC presents a model for…

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