Total Life Changes has been working with LPC Group, digging deep into their business, and redefining their core values.

Over the past seven months brand therapist Ryan Lesperance and his team at LPC Group have helped TLC connect the dots between company culture, brand positioning, and with print and digital media.

“We’ve always known what we stand for as a company and we have expressed it internally for as long as the company has been in existence. But what we have failed to do is share this properly with our customers and our salesforce, what we now call our Life Changers.

My friend and Chief Operations Officer John Licari brought this to my attention in Spring 2018 and I dwelled on it for days. And I realized he was absolutely right. We have spent the past six to eight months making sure we communicate this effectively with the world”,

explains Founder and CEO Jack Fallon.

TLC is even more excited to kick-off 2019 with their new “You’ll Feel It” approach and fresh energy! Ryan and the LPC Group specialize in making everything they touch better, and they did just that with Total Life Changes.

The new branding and packaging is led by TLC’s senior graphic designer, Kory Stokes and the inspiration from his team of four designers. Some of the new branding and products were showcased at the Orlando event.

TLC works every day with a vital responsibility in mind: to earn and keep the trust of their Life Changers. One of the ways they do this is by operating with a servant-leadership mindset.

This means that no one person is bigger than the company, and along with making total life changes, they wanted to make sure that was the message they were sending. They started with redefining their core values.
Ryan and his team used surveys, workshops, and even had interviews with all TLC employees in order to establish a set of core values for the new foundation of the company.

Total Life Changes Core Values:

  • We are always hungry for more.
  • Passion is our fuel.
  • Having fun, we get more done.
  • We love each other. Period.
  • Grateful is our mindset.
  • Our standard is giving more than what is expected.

We don’t just do what’s easy. We do what’s right.
Another important aspect TLC gained from working with Ryan and his team was figuring out who they truly were by identifying their archetypes as symbols for their brand.

  • Dominant Archetype: Caregiver
    The caregiver protects and cares for others.

Characteristics: Love, Protect, Care, Compassion, Generosity, Help, Support, Give, Nurture, Serve, Educate, Aid, Cause

  • Sub-Dominant Archetype: Magician
    The magician makes things happen.

Characteristics: Dream, Magic, Understand, Vision, Solutions, Simple, Invent, Leader, Transform, Expand, Modern

  • Sub-Dominant Archetype: Regular Guy/Girl
    The regular guy/girl loves connecting with others.

Characteristics: Common, Understand, Equal, Connect, Belong, Relationship, Empathy, Neighbor, Give, Good, Solid, Real

These archetypes define and make up what Total Life Changes is…

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