“I was severely overweight and very uncomfortable in my body,” she recalls. At just 5’4, she nonetheless weighed well over 300 pounds. “I was experiencing extreme inflammation and joint pain, which made exercising very difficult. It was all I could do some days to get on my feet and work around the house. So instead, I ‘worked’ the products.”

Angela says the weightloss system Resolution helped her regain control of her body, as well as other products like Iaso Detox Tea, Nutraburst, NRG, Delgada and Techui. Recently, Angela celebrated her achievement as one of the Total Life Changes Weight Loss Challenge winners in Houston, Texas. But these physical changes form only part of her testimony.

For the past 20+ years, Angela has been married to her husband Daryl. Together, they’ve raised three children (Deja 23, Daryl Jr. 17, and Daniel 15). A close-knit family, Angela was particularly close to her own mother.

“She was my biggest cheerleader, and she was so excited to see my weight loss and the success my husband and I were having in our TLC businesses.”

Unfortunately, in November 2015 her mother passed away due to kidney and liver failure.

“I remember her telling me not to let myself gain the weight back, and to always continue helping people. I made her a promise, and it’s become my motivation in business.”

Angela says she is reminded every day to continue to strive toward her own health goals and continue to push others. Although she did take some time off to grieve, in May of 2018 she returned to work under sponsor Jackie Birchfield and says she hasn’t looked back since.

The additional income Angela brings in each month has proven to…

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