Total Life Changes has been traveling to their B2B events all over the world since early 2018. Their last stop? New York City! After 11 events worldwide (in the USA, Europe, and Latin America), TLC is excited to see the kind of energy their IBOs in NYC have to offer. Take a look at where they’ve been so far.

2018 Back to Basics Tour Dates:

  • Atlanta, Georgia: Jan. 27
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: March 2
  • Los Angeles, California: April 21
  • Tampa, Florida: May 12
  • Nice, France: June 9
  • Detroit, Michigan: June 15-16
  • Raleigh, North Carolina: July 21
  • Medellin, Colombia: Aug. 25
  • Houston, Texas: Sept. 21-22
  • Santiago, Dominican Republic – Latin Convention: Oct. 19-20
  • Miami, Florida: Nov. 3
  • New York: Dec. 15

About Back to Basics

The B2B Tour was designed to celebrate and elevate TLC’s independent business owners’ (IBOs) direct-selling and weight loss goals and achievements.

Each Back to Basics event not only focuses on the goals and achievements of TLC’s IBOs, but they also include outstanding product testimonies, product training, leadership training, and recognition. At each event, there are also three weight loss winners revealed, and awards for the top three retailers and the top three enrollers in the company, which is very important in this industry. And, as a bonus, there are also prizes for the IBOs who bring the most guests!

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2018 B2B Event Highlights:

  • 30 weight loss winners were revealed live
  • 30 top retailers were awarded and recognized with trophies
  • 30 top enrollers were awarded and recognized with trophies
  • Over 50 IBOs were represented during a Retail Panel discussion, explaining how they are acquiring and retaining customers.
  • 2 Car Giveaways
    • Medellin Car Winner: Diana Bran
    • Santiago Car Winner: Advason Lavandier

What’s next for TLC?

Total Life Changes is preparing for…

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  1. Thank you for all you do. Both the events I went to where amazing. This company gives back so much and gives hope to so many

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