Phillip Birchfield has been a mover within the world of network marketing since his enrollment in Total Life Changes, recently having graduated to the rank of Global Director. The strong performance of his own family in the business has driven his success, which has in turn pushed Jacqueline to the top. With that said, while she was a fan of the products her father had introduced her to, she didn’t immediately see herself moving into the business herself.

“I was drinking Iaso Tea because it made me look and feel better,” says Jacqueline. “I’d lost two pant sizes, and I was very happy with my experience. But I was shy about telling people there was a product helping me make these improvements, and I felt weird about the idea of selling it. But eventually I just couldn’t deny my belief in the TLC line, and I decided to say ‘yes’ to the greater opportunity it offered.”

A 25-year-old mother of two, she says she realized she had a chance to leave behind a legacy for her family and to live a life outside the world of work that school had pressed upon her.

“My dad and my late grandma, Edna Ellis, became six-figure earners. I saw in their examples a chance to be that person in people’s lives who helped them believe they can do everything they want to do in life!

“I grew up seeing my parents struggle to pay bills and deal with their health. To see my father well off and to see the same for myself in the future blows my mind.”

Jacqueline says her public speaking skills have dramatically…

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