Former Central Michigan University Chippewa and Total Life Changes’ graphic designer Austin Wirgau had the honor to speak at the opening reception of the New Acquisitions Art Show at CMU on November 15th, 2018.                                                                                       

The event featured work from both professional artists and former CMU students. In fact, Austin’s personal artwork was displayed in the show and was chosen to be purchased by a committee at CMU, which is what led him to become a speaker at the event. During Austin’s “artist talk”, he spoke about his creative process of the pieces he made and how he has used the collaborative skills he learned as a student in his career at TLC.    

Austin had 4 paintings on display for the show. They were 4×4 ft. mixed-media pieces from the same “Prison Portraits” series. The subjects in the paintings are different prisoners throughout the country that include a letter they wrote to the viewers, which are also printed within the paintings themselves.    



“This show and these paintings were an accumulation of all the artistic skills I have acquired in my life. A lot of work went into them. I am happy that we got to cover such a strong topic in them, as I am very passionate about prison reform. It is such an honor and privilege that this piece of me will stay at my University.”  


Prior to the New Acquisitions Art Show, Austin’s paintings were part of a larger art show that was put on by his senior class called “In The System”, which was about prison reform. Austin also had a print in the show called “Emma Goldman”, which was supposed to be displayed in the capital building in Lansing. However, they would not feature the art unless the text was censored, and it was not.                    

TLC is pleased to have such an awesome designer on their team. Keep up the good work Austin!       


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