Everything was bigger in Texas. Total Life Changes’ Back to Basics Event was a huge success in Houston. From training to meet and greets, music, and a run-in with hotel security, let’s take a look at what happened while TLC was in H town.

TLC kicked off the Houston event with a private Friday morning breakfast and meeting with the top international leadership team that reviewed the direction and goals of the company for 2019. The meeting was followed by a Live Fun Friday at 2 pm. In fact, it was so “live” it almost got shut down by hotel security.

After things settled down, it was time to get down to business with multiple evening training sessions.

  • Product Training with Bill Francis and LaKesha Hall. Bill is a third generation organic farmer with a diverse background in sustainable agriculture, landscaping, and horticultural sales. Lakesha has been an RN for over 20 years.
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention Training with Angelica Martin and Tewonia Frank (leading retailers in TLC).
  • Edification Training with TLC National Director Jason L. Scott.

Training was followed by a night of meet and greets with apps, music, and drinks. Things picked up again Saturday morning and there was an explosive start for the main event with hip hop dancers! Following the opening introductions, wrap ups, and opening videos were a series of speakers sharing their stories. Here are a few things that went down:

  • Retail Panel (sharing best practices for acquiring new customers).
  • Amazing Success Stories with Keisha Green (amputee) and Sharon Degrela (event guest from South Africa)
  • Weight Loss Stories with three weight loss winners revealed (from monthly contest), along with free airfare, accommodations, and a professional makeover and reveal live on stage.
  • Special guest, the Hip Hop Preacher, and speaker Eric Thomas (from Detroit).
  • Top EnrollersTop Retailer recognition, and the “You’re Amazing” Award.

TLC is looking forward to more awesome events coming up.

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